Strategic Planning

How Much Do You Need?

In her unending effort to catalogue the best retail resources in New England, my wife Anne several years ago chanced upon an unobtrusive store in mid-coastal Maine, about five miles north of Moody’s Diner (itself well-known to value-seeking eaters). Alongside Route 1, just beyond The Well-Tempered Kitchen, behind a relic of a cash register in […]

First You Take a Vacation…

Almost every year for the past 20+ years, my wife, Anne, and I have spent the last week of July with various members of our family sitting on a rock known as Star Island ten miles off the coast of Portsmouth, NH in the Isles of Shoals. As rocks go, it’s a pretty big one […]

A Finger in the Wind

May, 2011

“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans,” John Lennon said. Maybe so. But when it’s the life of your business that’s at stake, the planning process has to involve more than sticking a wet finger in the wind.

Get me Out of the Swamp

Resolved: I will take at least a few hours every week to stop fighting off the alligators, to find some higher ground, and to plot the direction that will get me out of the Swamp.