Lending an E.A.R.

“We’re going to find the very best person available to run this company,” I told my two clients, “and he or she will be attracted not only by its upside potential but also by the prospect of sharing in your financial success during the next five to ten years.” I have searched for and hired […]

Offloading the Baggage

Having been diverted to Bangor to add more fuel, the flight from Amsterdam on the Friday before Christmas was already more than three hours late when it touched down at Boston’s snowy Logan Airport that evening. Encountering a slick runway, the pilot had to rely on reverse thrusters rather than the wheel brakes to bring […]

Consider the Options

“We can really use your financial expertise, Brad, but we can’t afford to pay you right now. What if we give you stock options instead?” There were times during the ’80s and especially in late ’90s when we heard that offer more than half the time with prospective clients. Of course, we were working frequently […]

Rolling Out The Dough

Intentionally or not, an organization’s “corporate culture” almost always develops from the top down. In implementing their management philosophies, many successful entrepreneurs develop an internal financial strategy for their employees to complement the external strategy for their investors. The net result often is a group dynamic in which the whole is much greater than the sum of the parts, and everyone contributes to rolling out the dough.