Cash Management

Monopoly Lessons

There are many ways of heating up a chilly Friday night in Northern VT, but for 11-year-old Noah there is only one with any real interest now that the Red Sox season is over – Red Sox Monopoly. My wife Annie and I were providing D.C.C.P. services (as in Designated Child Care Providers) to Noah […]

The Four F’s of Credit and Collection

I started collecting receivables when I was ten years old… And I’m still at it: Morning home delivery of the Boston Globe, the Herald, the Record-American, and the Post (yes, Boston once had four morning newspapers), cost 33 cents a week, Monday-Saturday. (The “big kids” delivered the Sunday editions.) Every Friday evening, I’d go around […]

Bringing Your Creditors Down Gently

In a prior incarnation, so long ago that it really does seem like a different life, I served as an air intercept controller as part of my responsibilities as a junior officer in the U.S. Navy. From the radar room of the U.S.S.Harry E.Hubbard (DD-748), we sat in the Tonkin Gulf controlling carrier-based fighter planes […]

I Used To Work With A Crook

It’s the end of summer. I’ll be brief. This newsletter is a way of keeping in touch with you. It’s a quick read. The concepts are simple, but important – especially when they’re overlooked. There are lots more “simple truths” in the financial area that I intend to write about in coming months. Let me know what you think about this and subsequent issues, especially if you’re in search of simple truths, or you’ve discovered some of your own. Or write back simply to let me know, Howe’s Bayou?